A Place Called Home [poem]

For years now I have searched,

For a place I can call my own,

For a people I can call my own.

This search has led me to places,

Places I would rather not talk about.

This search has led me to people,

People I would rather not talk about.


I have been tossed around, tossed about

By those I called my own.

The place I called my own, swallowed me up.

The people I called my own,

stripped me and tore my flesh.

The ground received my blood

with so much gladness.


I will never forget my loud cry

Of pain, of despair and of shame.

I will never forget

Their so called cry of victory,

Each and every one of them

Piercing my heart.


I have searched round my heart

For a spot without blemish,

For a spot without pain,

A spot without a scar

Funny how I found none,

Not even one.


Shall I take the wings of the morning

And dwell in the uttermost part of the sea?

And dwell in a safe haven free of pain?


I was promised a light so long ago.

I was promised unending happiness.

I was promised promise fulfilled.

One would have thought I have them

But in a moment, in the twinkle of an eye,

The appointed time will come.


Not until He opened my eyes

to see that in Him is safe haven,

In Him is peace, healing and rest found.

Throughout the never-ending search

For a place called home,

I didn’t realise that home was with me,

God was always with me.

So I turned into His embrace

And found all and more than I hoped to find.

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