Recipe of Destruction [poem]

Crystal clear the vision
With path aloof and dark
His spirit shivered in beautiful distress
The journey he vowed never to quit
Just to appease the desires of his flesh
He ignored the season of shedding
The pestilence of iniquity in him
Before him recipes of destruction
Alluring and perfectly served
Who dares ignore such an offer?
Devouring his life to destruction
With legs crossed to gluttony
Satisfaction in his bosom well rested
Jollification the song of the day
Alas! The waitress subtly speaks
The enormous terrifying bills
Destruction, Stealing and Killing
The price for such pleasurable recipes
Misery the aftermath of his being
Could there be hope for him?
He waveringly hearkens to You
As You lead him to the table of serenity
Fed him with inferno of love
You taught him the way of patience
And like the eagle he abides diligently
His old wings begin to shed off
His strength You renewed
By resting your finger upon him
Recreating his inner being
And bestowed upon him oil of gladness

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