Loophole; My Precious Delicacy [poem]

Your appearance adorable
Like nectar to the insect
Your scent attractive to all
Yet, how may I help you?
My precious delicacy
Sing you a song
Well sang in the vocals of others
All effort to see you good
Like a beautiful trash
You smashed to the rock
You seduced heart to trust
Freely you earn it
Amazingly the seduction a decoy
Just to sap info for others
A traitor to the heart
Your mouth like gushing waters
Your heart in enmity with trust
All these beauty an after effect
When will you be real?
My precious delicacy
Love the way to avenge
It keeps no wrong
It knows no bound
Can’t continue the race like this
Can’t leave you this way
Come lets reason together
Replicate your beauty
Retrieve your integrity
But, how may I help you?
My precious delicacy

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