My Love Potion [poem]

I made a lunge for your heart
Without hesitation I reached out
Like a magnet you pulled me
To a horizon with red radiance
Decorated by the rosacea’s nation
Surrounded by amazing love orchestra
Streamlined to a rushing wind
Our love aligned to a path
Full of life and serenity
Cuddled in the arms of unity
Romanced by one embrace
Loving each other like turtle doves
As we sat basking in the love garden
Magically the radar activates
Your heart in tuned to mine
Verbatim I heard the whisper of trust
And the song of the one I’ve chosen
From the most loving still voice
You were adorned with beauty
Yet I  wasn’t  swayed by your looks
Neither by the eloquence of your speech
But the pulling force I couldn’t resist
I felt charmed by your presence
With an inferno of love within

Dedicated to Mi Tesoro 

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