Rhapsody in Purple

I dreamt of a beautiful eye
The kind that has never been
An embodiment of royalty in light
Charming and comely to visions
Mystical to the shade of the retina
And magnificent to the beholder
I was once told that love is red
With aura of romantic mysteries
Then I looked deep into this eye
Another hue of love manifested
And reign as queen in my heart
With grandiloquence of majesty
The gentle tenderness of her looks
Played the beautiful trick of love
With enchanting fragrance of smile
Gorgeous slayed in with the touch of beauty
And sync hearts with thoughts of love
The chronicle of a crazy union
I had you calling my name
From a distance the echo magnified
Then you touched me so real
My escape from the land I left
To the reality of your presence
Your beauty tamed my adrenaline
Taken aback with your delicate intonation
The feeling of euphoria kissed the atmosphere
With colorful sparks of cute lighting
Making residence deep the core of my heart
You mount your flag on higher altitude
With emblem of Rhapsody in Purple

Artwork by: Mimi Nation™

(c) 2019

One thought on “Rhapsody in Purple

  • August 15, 2019 at 2:38 pm

    This is captivating! You created a lovely imagery with your words. Well done sir.


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