Breaking Patterns [poem]

For long they’ve sold us out
To a programming that cripples
In all sincerity to build
They gave us out to the land defeat
Their best as they called it
Yet all seasoned with ultimate ignorance
Forever the movie within keeps playing
The same scenes we keep nurturing
Now and always in enmity with change
We pride in the carcasses we feed
Embracing every touch of smallness
Hating the flamboyancy of the great
Our children drink of this same cup
Inferiority the emblem they raise
Resentment the crown upon their heads
They could perceive the fragrance of greatness
And see the route to breakthrough
But ever stocked by this programming
Our daughters abused and used
Their pride sold for a nut
Just to feed their tummy with mere crumbs
Our sons baptized in the wine of destruction
Their sanity far gone to be amended
Just to feel among and belong
How long are we going to sit and watch?
Our mothers drenched in tears
At the sight of their children’s status quo
Our fathers rocketing themselves to after life
Just to ease the pain their fathers caused them
Are our children own going to drink of this same cup?
Arise all you great nation
Bear the yoke of your youth
Let wisdom be your companion
And understanding your light
Break every chain that held you bound
And divorce the bride you call impossible
Let there a reprogramming
Different from the cup you’ve been drinking
Let there be a new movie being played
In the cinema of the hidden man of the heart
Let there be an unleashing of the infinite
To explore every hidden great potential

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