Do you remember back then in high school where you would be given take-home assignment in mathematics? Sure! I know you do. When you get home, one of the three approaches you would use in getting the assignment done; do it yourself OR get family/friends and neigh hours OR wait till the next morning where you rush to school to copy your classmates. Now any of the approaches you used to achieve your assignment ends up in either; passing all OR failing all OR passing some and failing some. What a life. There is an aroma of joy that springs from your belly when you get everything, when you fail all you know what’s up and when it’s 50/50 you end up in a wonderland. Those who get everything right proceeds and those who either fail all or some have something in common to do “Re-Solution”. A good teacher (Passion) would not let you go further till you are good at that you have started (Art of Mastery).
There is a perpetual continuum that needs to be utilized aright “New Year Resolution”. What if I tell you that the manner at which we approach our mathematics assignments so is life itself if really we are been driven by passion. Let this sinks: the one who does his/her own assignment without consulting others is really graced to self-learn but mind you the probability of passing all is 1/2. Those who get assistance are at the verge of getting all or failing depending on the assistant; firelighters or firefighters. And those who copy are those who watch things happen then follow suit not minding how it ends, Funny right? Is good to work alone when it’s worth it (no man is an island) but it is wisdom to work with people and foolishness to be the viewer. We need to associate with people in life to make great impacts. We all need destiny helpers, firelighters and mentors. Let me take you back from where I began.

For how long have you been making “New Year Resolution”? How often do you achieve all? What happens to the ones you failed to achieve? Do you just let go the ones you could not meet? Are you still making more resolutions and piling your failures? Why have resolutions amidst resolutions? The questions can go on and on and on. It is time you sit back and make a “Re-Solution” rather than more unfulfilled resolutions. Go back and figure out all loopholes, weaknesses… and make a difference. Imagine you passing everything. Remember you failing doesn’t make you a failure but given up turns you to a failure. Never relent, never turn back just keep being positive till you hit the goal. So why make New Year Resolution when you have New Year Re-solution.
Pen it down, act it and live it. 

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  • January 1, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    Resolution amidst resolutions
    Simply look beyond what you see


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