Slavery in Freedom [poem]


My love for him got me confused
Factors erupted that I can’t explain
Glared at me in the face
How I fell a victim, I cannot tell
Boom! The sound of the attack
Staring closely, I lost my cover
The shield that got me safe got blown away
Then it became clear how vulnerable I am
Henceforth I became a thing of pity
My life took an unfathomable twist
I became broken and shredded
Faking a strength I had already lost
The peace I once had got lost
The poise I enjoyed became history
The power I once had became a fugitive
I am left all naked in the desert
The multitude do not understand me
All airing their views about my plight
Their view darkened my darkness
Throwing me into the midst of severe dilemma
His voice held my peace
The voice of the one I ever loved
I am left with just myself to console
Now I realize my slavery in freedom

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